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About Us

The leader in credit facilitation

Specialist in project structuring and fundraising

About Us

SKBA CONSULTING, a subsidiary of HANS BOYE Gmbh, is a Senegalese company specializing in project structuring and fundraising.

Its main objective is to contribute to the strengthening of operational capacities aiming at a better allocation of human and financial resources of public and private economic actors on the African continent.

SKBA CONSULTING thus offers services adapted and scalable to the demands of its customers to best support them in their performance objectives.

Our profession

SKBA CONSULTING draws on its experience in the field of finance to provide targeted and strategic interventions in key sectors of the African economy and development.

Our goals in Africa

SKBA CONSULTING supports international partners

  • QUANTUM Group

For the identification of structuring projects and the establishment of financing via their financing platform. These large groups work in collaboration with SKBA CONSULTING and thus offer African governments innovative and adapted solutions for the financing of their priority projects: infrastructure and basic equipment related to transport, energy and telecommunications (roads, etc.) , rail, port and airport infrastructure. , power generation, transport and distribution infrastructure, telecommunications systems, agriculture, tourism and all state infrastructure projects, etc.

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